First Family Disney World Vacation 2017

Our first family vacation was exciting and emotional. It was truly a bitter sweet moment going to Disney World with the whole family and my mother not physically being there, but I definitely know she was there in spirit.

Through out the whole time we were in Orlando it rained almost everyday which explains why I didn't have much footage.

Day 1:

Once we arrived to Orlando we hopped on the Magical Express to get to our resort "Disney All-Star Movie Resort". Once we caught there we checked in to our rooms and then went straight to our Character Dinner at the Grand Floridian. The kids were so excited and overwhelmed with everything! Right after our dinner we decided to go to Magic Kingdom and just walked around.

Day 2:

On our first official day in Disney World we decided to visit Epcot First. Epcot is differently one of my favourite parks, I would say adults would enjoy this park more. You get to try different food and see different entertainment from Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada. You go from having tacos in Mexico to having a latte in Italy. Each country also has their meet and greets with characters and rides. They had some amazing rides that the kids loved, my daughters favourite ride was The seas with Nemo and Friends.

Day 3:

There is no doubt that every park has it's own unique theme and amazing, but Disney Hollywood is definitely the coolest one since it has Star Wars! You will see on Day 3 vlog that my family and I are so into Star Wars. Besides all the meet and greets with the characters and rides, Disney Hollywood focuses more in Broadway shows, which I LOVE!

Day 4:

If you love animals and visiting the zoo, you will for sure love Disney Animal Kingdom. All the children loved seeing the animals so close. It was also such a great experience especially for my daughter who is a toddler since she is learning about animals and the sounds they make. While visiting Disney Animal Kingdom, you have to go to Pandora. It's like they took the movie and made it real life. Once again Disney did not fail me.

Day 5:

We saved the best for last! The Magic Kingdom is no doubt every ones favourite. Because we have the best luck it just had to rain and when I mean rain I mean POURING RAIN! But being in the most happiest place on earth we just had to shake it off and make the best of it. We didn't do much rides and we only spent half of the day there, which I was super bummed out about. We only did a few rides and did some meet and greets, that the kids obviously enjoyed.

Overall this trip to Disney World was one for the books. Getting to see not just only my children's faces with smiles but also my Goddaughters. My mom most have been so overly enjoyed seeing us all together. My dad obviously had his moments that he would get in his mood but he pushed through for all of us. One of his favourite places was Downtown Disney.

Hope you enjoyed watching and reading our experience on our first family Walt Disney World Trip!


  1. Disney World is always such a fun family trip. It looks like you all had a blast.Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Disney, we are lucky and only live an hour away so we are annual pass holders. Looks like you had a great time! I’ve always wanted to try the character dinner at Grand Floridian.

    1. omg im so jealous i wish i lived only an hour away! I would honestly be there every day lol and yes you need to try i love it and entertaining.

  3. Disney is my happy place and it sounds like your family loves it too! What a bummer that it rained so much and cut your Magic Kingdom day short. Have to plan your next trip to make up for that I suppose!

    1. We breath disney lol! I know we are definitely trying to book for this year but we want to try out the cruise.

  4. Awww Great Photos! Looks like you all had so much fun! I can’t wait to plan my family’s 1st Disney trip!

    1. yes we did :)

      You will have so much fun!